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What's Zpěvomat?

A magical street musical instrument that sounds at the request of passers-by. It is an interactive project in public space, bringing live musical performances to the streets of cities, led by leading professional musicians - singers, composers and choirmasters. This event is also a workshop led by experienced teachers - pre-registered participants from the public are divided into groups, each of which is led by a teacher who rehearses small musical forms - canons, improvisations, multi-part compositions - with his "choir" during a morning training session. In the afternoon, the groups go out on the street to pre-arranged places; there are chairs in the middle of the circle of singers, and any of the random passers-by can sit and listen to the concert for free.


The author of the project

The ZPĚVOMAT project was created by musician Ridina Ahmedová and has been running for several years with great acclaim in Prague and many other cities (Pilsen, Karlovy Vary, Pradubice, etc.). ZPĚVOMAT was created out of the need to reach people outside the community of "the learned", from whom the audience or participants of performances and workshops (at least vocal ones) are mostly recruited. The workshop is usually attended by those who are already inclined to work with voice and singing and find it interesting and rewarding. However, SING is designed to allow for penetration into the public space and to reach out with live singing to those who wouldn't normally encounter something like this, or wouldn't otherwise take the time to do so. Zpěvomat is the next step in exploring the different forms and functions of singing.


Zpěvomat in Tábor took place on 21 September 2020. The voice guides were Petr Váša, Benjamin Lovett and Adéla Slachová.

The project was made possible thanks to the support of the town of Tábor and also thanks to the cooperation with

Final report

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