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Benjamin Lovett

He has been intensely involved in music since his younger years. He grew up in the USA, where he began playing viola at the age of eleven and quickly became involved in regional orchestras and chamber music groups. Soon, however, the horizons of classical music became too restrictive and he began to play other genres - jazz, rock, world music, experimental music. He studied jazz with New York saxophonist Will Greenstreet and improvisation with violist, teacher and award-winning composer Stephanie Phillips, with whom he also organized improvisation concerts and children's camps.

All the while, singing was a matter of course for him, he was in the choir, sang "Barbershop" with friends, took up "lilting" - Irish singing, and composed for the choir.

Currently he leads a women's vocal group ŽAS, which sings Moravian, Czech and Slovak folk songs as well as songs from various European and distant countries, more and more often in his own arrangements.

Since 2013 he has been performing regularly with the singer-songwriter and winner of two angels Jiří Smrž. He participated in his latest album "Nedokončené" with violin and ninura. He also performs with his solo project "Šmydli loops" - where he uses violin, voice and looper to create songs live in front of an audience. Musical inspiration comes from a wide range of sources, from Balkan and jazz, to bluegrass and contemporary classical music. He has also created music for two theatrical performances.

Occasionally he performs as a guest in the Pelhřimov jazz band Jazz Pilgrim, together with some of the teachers of the jazz workshops in Frýdlant.

In 2015 he had the honour to play together with Glen Hansard as a special guest at his concert in the Milev monastery.

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