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Group music therapy

Group music therapy is applicable to all age categories. I will be happy to come to your school, a low-threshold centre, a summer camp or to your company to work with your employees. The aim is to harmonize the team, to work together with a song and its healing properties and potential and to find common harmony through rhythm and intervals. When the work is intense and frequent enough it can bring more empathy among the peolpe involved as well as help everyone to feel their body and emotions more deeply, which can help individuals to be able to cope with their personal obstacles and difficulties more smoothly. It also strengthens the ability to adapt to a new team and to restore confidence in the community.

60 min. - 800 CZK

120 min. - 1400 CZK (700/hour)

180 min. - 2100 CZK (700/hour)

If you are interested, please contact me.

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