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Music group

"Music with a story"

In this group for children between 5 and 9 years of age we put classic fairy tales - such as those by the brothers Grimm, K. J. Erben and Božena Němcová - into music. I look for inspiration in books by Josef Krček, whose „music“ books focused on young readers make an endless source of ideas. I also draw inspiration from drama therapists Eva Svobodová and Hana Švejdová, who I met during my university studies while attending their „aesthetics education“ seminars. Children get gradually familiar with musical instrumets used tradionally for music therapy and we find out their healing potential. We learn to work with our breathing and voice in a healthy and beneficial way. We observe connections between our voice and our body and based on the findings we discover new possibilities in that respect.

I work with musical instruments:
  • Percussions – xylophone, claves made of different types of wood, litophone made of split slate pieces, drums, all sorts of rattles, triangles, tambourines, cymbals, metalothones- one with copper bars and the other with nobel steel bars, kalimba, sansula

  • Plucked string instruments – ukulele, guitar, pentatonic recorder, interval recorder, double recorder, a set of single-tone recorders for playing in a group, soprano recorder

  • Wind flutes - endings, pentatonic and interval flute, double flute, set of single tone flutes for group work, soprano flute

I offer in kindergarten, primary school. Regular Mondays from 3pm and 4pm ( 2500 CZK / half term ). If you are interested, please contact me.

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