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Voice workshops

At the beginning of each workshop we perform some rhythm excercises, body percussion and interaction between the participants based on voice or movement. Together we explore images of individual songs and look deeply into their stories. When we let ourselves bring our own feelings and emotions into the song, we can forget our self-control and become a character of the song or we can appear in a completely different time and place for a while. In those special moments the song reveals its healing properties. An integral part of the workshop is improvisation and working with music therapy musical instruments.

I offer these workshops for two groups: begginers and advanced.


• Correlation between voice, body and breathing

• Vocal activities for mental relaxation

• Releasing the feelings of embarrassment to sing in front of other people

• Experience of basic musical themes – tones, intervals, harmony

• Rhythm excercises - body percussion


• Rhythm excercises - body percussion

• Improvisation, Scat Singing

• Rhythm and musical phrasing

• Polyphonic songs

• Vocal excercises and body memory

Price 200 CZK / 1.5 hours
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